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Volkswagen Oil Change Service & Auto Repair At Your Local VW Dealership

Volkswagen Service Center

Get your Volkswagen Oil Change Service and Auto Repair at your local VW Dealer in Bethesda

Quality Auto Repair Service

There is no better place to get your Volkswagen repaired than Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda. Why go anywhere else when we have trained technicians who work on Volkswagen cars every day? Our qualified staff will make sure you receive exceptional service in a timely manner. From basic oil changes to transmission replacements, our certified technicians do it all. Schedule your next appointment with our team at our Volkswagen service center near Washington D.C. today. Don't forget to check out any service specials or coupons we may have!

Volkswagen Auto Repair at your local VW Dealership in Bethesda near Washington DC

Genuine OEM Parts

Whether you're an experienced wrench-turner who likes getting their hands dirty or you prefer to leave automotive maintenance to the professionals, you can count on Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda for your VW maintenance and repair needs. We use and sell only genuine VW parts, the same ones your Jetta, GTI, Tiguan, or Atlas was built with. OEM VW parts are warranty-backed and guaranteed to provide perfect fit and finish and long-lasting quality, things aftermarket parts can't promise.

Our Parts Department is fully stocked with an extensive selection of parts and accessories for a wide range of VW nameplates and model years. Visit our parts counter at 5415 Butler Rd in Bethesda or reach out to us online to request equipment like wheels and tires, headlights, filters, batteries, belts, pumps, brake pads, calipers, rotors, sill molding, and much more. And if, somehow, we don't have what you're looking for in our inventory, we can order it for you quickly and easily.

VW Oil Change Service at your preferred VW Dealership in Bethesda

Oil Change Service

The most basic automotive service item is also the most critical. Your vehicle's engine contains several fast-moving metal parts that slide against each other thousands of times per minute. Oil not only keeps things properly lubricated, it also helps absorb heat and remove contaminants by way of the oil filter. However, high temperatures and residual particulates not captured by the filter accumulate in the oil over time, decreasing its effectiveness. That's why regular oil changes are essential to your VW's safe operation and longevity.

Volkswagen recommends to "change the oil and filter in Volkswagen vehicles every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first." If your VW is due for an oil change, Service Xpress from Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda can have you in and out and on your way quickly; no appointment necessary.

Volkswagen Brake Service at your local Volkswagen Dealer in Bethesda

Time To Get Your Brakes Changed?

While the main purpose of your Volkswagen is to go, being able to stop is perhaps even more important. An improperly cared-for braking system is dangerous, not only to the driver but also to everyone and everything in the immediate vicinity. That's why routine brake examinations and servicing are a vital part of a proper maintenance schedule. At Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda, our highly trained technicians can visually examine your brake components whenever you come in for service.

  • When should I have my VW's brakes checked?: A more thorough inspection of the pads, calipers, rotors, and fluid lines should be performed every 15,000 – 20,000 miles.

  • What are signs that my VW's brakes need service?: Besides unsettling noises like grinding or squealing, other symptoms of brake trouble including a stiff or spongey-feeling brake pedal, excessive steering wheel vibrations, acrid or burning odors, or if the vehicle pulls to one side.

Battery Service and Replacement at your preferred Volkswagen Dealer in Bethesda MD

Volkswagen Battery Service

Your VW's battery has a tough job. In addition to starting the engine, it also runs all the lights, the A/C and heat, the infotainment system, and more. But because it's out of sight, it's easy to take for granted until there's a problem. Knowing the symptoms of battery fatigue can help you avoid getting stranded in an Arlington VA parking lot. Signs include:

  • Battery light illumination
  • Sluggish engine turnover
  • Battery leakage or terminal corrosion
  • Battery case swelling
  • Dimmed headlights, cabin lights, clock, infotainment, etc.

OEM batteries can be resilient, lasting up to five years or more depending on conditions and driving habits. However, after the third year, it's important to have the battery tested a couple of times annually to preempt any problems. And if a replacement is necessary, we carry a full inventory of genuine OEM batteries specific to your model.

Tire Service and Replacement at your local VW Dealership in Bethesda

The Right Tires For Your Volkswagen

Ensure safe travels and maximum tire lifespan by having your VW's tires rotated at regular intervals. Tires that spend too much time in the front wear down faster due to the excess friction of steering and the extra weight of the engine, which can negatively impact handling, impair traction, and necessitate premature replacement. Rotating your tires with every oil change is an easy way to remember this essential maintenance item. And when it finally comes time to swap them out, Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda has a wide selection of trusted tire brands at competitive prices.

Wheel and Tire Alignment Service at your preferred VW Dealer in Bethesda

The Right Alignment

Alignment is another way to extend tire life and ensure safe operation. This service involves adjusting the suspension so that the wheels roll at optimum angles and make full contact with the road. So be sure to schedule an appointment if you notice any of these signs:

  • Tire tread is worn down only on one side.
  • The inner or outer tread is worn down and not the center tread.
  • The vehicle doesn't track in a straight line.
  • The steering wheel isn't centered when driving in a straight line.
  • The steering wheel vibrates excessively.

Having a bad alignment can severely impact how your vehicle drives, so have our Volkswagen technicians align your wheels to be sure you're driving the best way possible. We care about you and your Volkswagen, schedule an appointment at our Volkswagen service center today.

Find Excellent Volkswagen Car Service At Ourisman Volkswagen Of Bethesda


Looking for the perfect service center to take care of your Volkswagen car, SUV, or wagon? Our VW service center in Bethesda, MD, is here to help! We'll take care of any routine maintenance or large repair your Volkswagen vehicle may need!


Why Choose Ourisman Volkswagen Of Bethesda?


We understand that there are many garages near Silver Spring, Brentwood, and Glen Echo. So, why choose Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda? Here are a few reasons why you'll want to schedule your next appointment at Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda.

  • Volkswagen Technicians - Our technicians have been certified and trained in everything Volkswagen. They understand how a VW vehicle runs and know exactly how to repair or maintain any type of VW car, SUV, or wagon.
  • Genuine VW Parts - We only use the highest-quality genuine Volkswagen parts and accessories, no matter what type of repair or maintenance issue you may have. This will help keep your VW as like-new as possible for many years to come.
  • Online Service Scheduler - Don't have the time to contact our dealership? No problem! Use our online service scheduling tool from any North Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, or beyond area. You can find the service your Volkswagen requires, schedule the perfect appointment for your schedule, and add on any specials available.
  • Service Specials - Speaking of specials, we have a wide array of service specials available to help our Washington D.C. area drivers save money on their Volkswagen service. Search through our current service deals to see if one applies to your purchase.
  • And Much More! - From a well-designed service center with all the right equipment, tools, and parts for the task to helpful staff, our service center is prepared to help any Maryland driver with their car service needs.

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You already know the importance of regular maintenance, but if you've got a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time for an appointment. So, in an effort to make it as convenient as possible to get the timely maintenance your VW needs, we've implemented Ourisman Service to Go. If you can't make it to us for service, simply select Valet Pick-Up when scheduling a service appointment online. Our valets will pick up your vehicle from your home or office and bring it back to our service center. Then, a service representative will contact you to confirm the requested work and estimated time frame. And when the work is complete, we'll return the vehicle, fully sanitized, to your location.