$500 Below Invoice
on Your Next VW is as Easy as 1-2-3

Step #1

Visit vwpartnerprogram.com, create an account and print out your VW Partner Program certificate.

Step #2

Bring us your certificate; bearing your employer's name, as well as proof of affiliation to Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda.

Step #3

Order your new Volkswagen or take one from dealer stock and enjoy $500 below invoice.

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Program Description

Employees of qualified VW Partner Program companies and their household members are eligible to purchase or lease a new Volkswagen at $500 below Dealer Invoice Price plus select current offers and incentives. This Certificate is designed to help give the best deal on the purchase or lease of a new VW - the hardest part should be picking the color!

This Program benefits Partner Program company employees and their household members by working cooperatively with our Dealers - trusting them to provide the very best service and experience. If you have a concern regarding your transaction, please contact Program HQ directly at (703) 364-7910.

Pricing Calculations
Dealer Invoice Price
-) $500
(-) current offers and incentives
= Partner Program Price

Volkswagen GTI

1. Eligibility

All full-time, direct employees and retirees of Partner companies, members of Partner organizations, and their respective household members can participate in the Volkswagen Partner Program (the "Program"). Employees must work at a U.S. location. Contract employees or employees of subsidiaries, unless otherwise agreed upon, are not eligible. If you have eligibility questions, please contact your benefits administrator or Program Headquarters.

2. How it Works

Present your personalized Certificate to Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda to redeem this Offer. If you fail to present the Certificate up front, Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda is not required to honor the Certificate. You must also present a valid driver's license at the time of sale. Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda will validate eligibility and sell or lease you a new VW vehicle at $500 below Dealer Invoice Price, which is then combinable with select current offers and incentives that are available through Volkswagen of America (VWoA) or through Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda.

3. Participating Dealers

Please verify that Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda is participating in the Program. Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda will sell or lease the eligible vehicle and may offer you financing or leasing to be negotiated between you and Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda.

4. Financing

Financing through VCI is not required for the use of this Program. Special financing or leasing terms may be available to you though this Program. Customer eligibility will be determined by Volkswagen Credit (VCI). Please ask Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda for VCI financing or leasing options to learn if you qualify.

5. Parts and Accessories

Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda may sell you parts, accessories, finance, and insurance products and other items as with any other retail purchaser. Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda may take vehicles in on trade and may acquire and dispose of such vehicles as in any normal retail transaction on such terms as they choose. All the transactions contemplated by this paragraph are strictly between you and Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda and are to be negotiated solely between you and Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda.

6. Vehicles Eligibility

New, unused Volkswagen vehicles are eligible. Final vehicle availability is determined by Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda. Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda is not required to sell you a vehicle from their stock or order bank if the vehicle is in short supply. Be advised that VWoA may restrict the availability of certain vehicles under this Program. In such case, VWoA will inform Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda in advance, in writing, of the terms of such restrictions or incentives, and Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda will comply with any such terms.

7. Claim

VWoA has the right to audit all the records pertaining to this transaction. If VWoA finds that you violated any term or falsified any documentation of VWoA's Partner Program, VWoA may cancel your privileges to acquire vehicles under any special VWoA programs and may, at its discretion, seek to recover any special benefits you received.

8. Final Decision

VWoA's decision is final and in all matters relating to this Program. VWoA has the right to amend or cancel this Program at any time for any reason.

9. Customer Contact

Upon printing this Certificate, you acknowledge that you will receive special communications, typically in the form of email. If you have any questions regarding our customer privacy policy and commitment, please refer to vw.com/privacy/.

Volkswagen Partner Program

1 As with any new vehicle purchase, you are responsible for all taxes, title, licensing, documentary, emission, and other fees.

2 Volkswagen Credit will not finance any vehicles to be used for delivery services.

3 Select models may be periodically excluded and can be verified by Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda or Program HQ. Additionally, Audi vehicles are not included in this Offer.