Used Volkswagen Jetta in Bethesda, MD

Discover Fun, Sporty Driving with a Used Volkswagen Jetta

There's no need to pinch yourself - we guarantee that you're not dreaming this up. When you head over to Ourisman Volkswagen of Bethesda, you can find plenty of fantastic used Volkswagen sedans and SUVs. In particular, one of the most popular Volkswagen models in our used inventory has to be the Volkswagen Jetta. Renowned for its punchy performance and long-term reliability, Washington DC drivers have relied upon the Volkswagen Jetta for years. When you visit our dealership and look through our pre-owned vehicles, you can be part of the Volkswagen Jetta's legacy.

Want to know how a Volkswagen Jetta can affect your lifestyle? Visit us today and we'll show you all that this compact sedan can do! For more information about used Volkswagen Jetta models, look below for some light reading.


Get ready for some fun driving around Arlington, VA. When you climb inside the cabin of a used Volkswagen Jetta and press down on the accelerator, you'll feel the smooth, satisfying performance of the engine under the hood. Your Jetta's engine will propel you forward with plenty of horsepower and torque, all while the sophisticated suspension system keeps you in proper control. Most used VW Jetta models come with front-wheel drive for plenty of traction and responsive handling.

In addition to the power generated under the hood, the Volkswagen Jetta also comes with an efficient transmission. Depending on the model year and trim level you take home, you can either utilize an automatic transmission or a manual one. More recently, these models have been equipped with eight-speed automatic transmissions, giving Alexandria drivers incredibly smooth acceleration. Drivers who want to use a manual transmission, however, can likely find a Volkswagen Jetta model to accommodate their desires.


For decades, Volkswagen has been committed to keeping its drivers and passengers comfortable as they get to where they need to go. The same will be true with your used Volkswagen Jetta. When you get inside, you will fall in love with the comfortable seating arrangement inside. When you and your friends are ready to cruise around Fairfax, everyone along for the ride can take advantage of comfortable seating materials with the room to fit up to five people inside at once.

Did you know that the Volkswagen Jetta can also be used as a road trip car? Though many Bethesda drivers may be skeptical of taking a compact sedan on the highway for a road trip, the Volkswagen Jetta aims to subvert your expectations. Hitting the road can be fun and cozy inside a used Volkswagen Jetta, which will come with plenty of rear legroom and headroom so that no one is cramped while leaving the DC area. In addition to that, your trunk space will be able to accommodate plenty of cargo.


The Volkswagen Jetta was designed to be a showstopper. Since the Jetta is such an iconic car, we're not going to pretend like you've never seen one before. However, you likely find yourself doing a double-take at every Volkswagen Jetta you see on the streets of Bethesda. Why is that?

Well, that's because the Volkswagen Jetta possesses a unique style that is unmatched by any of its competitors. The unique design allows this compact sedan to keep a low profile while also maintaining a wide, aggressive stance. Combine this with great exterior features like bright headlights and taillights, unique wheels, and an eye-catching front grille, and your used Volkswagen Jetta is sure to be a head-turner.

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